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Fontana DUI Checkpoints

Fontana DUI Checkpoints, or sobriety checkpoints, are usually found in areas that are known  DUI arrests.  These checkpoints are designed to ensure that drunk drivers are kept off the road and that the public is safe. During a checkpoint, local arresting agencies will look for signs of intoxication that will then allow them to ask motorists to perform field sobriety tests. Unfortunately, most of these checkpoints are done incorrectly which can then lead to unlawful arrests. If you have found yourself arrested during a Fontana DUI check point, contact our Fontana DUI Lawyers to find out how we can help you.

Hiring an experienced Fontana DUI Attorney

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Previous Fontana DUI Checkpoint Locations

6/11/2011: evening – undisclosed location

12/17-12/30: randomly – city wide

7/17/2010: 6pm – 1:30am – Sieera Ave., south of Randall

7/8/2010: 6pm-1:30am – undisclosed location

7/4/2010 : evening – undisclosed location

6/12/2010: 6pm-1:30am – Citrus, south of Randall